LD9162KPrimary Side Quasi-Resonant Controller with MOSFET Integrated

The LD9162K is an excellent primary-side feedback controller with QR operation, integrated with a 650V MOSFET switch in a SOP-8 package. It minimizes the components counts and is ideal for low cost applications.
It provides functions of ultra-low startup current, green-mode power-saving operation and leading-edge blanking of the current sensing. Also, the LD9162K includes the comprehensive protection function, such as Over Load Protection (OLP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), and internal Over Temperature Protection (OTP). Furthermore, the programmable brown-in/out protection and bulk cap. OVP protection is built-in.
In most cases, PSR controlled flyback converters would suffer from bad load regulation performance. To deal with this problem, dedicated load regulation compensation is also implemented in LD9162K.



  • Primary-Side Feedback Control with Quasi-Resonant Operation
  • Built-in 650V MOSFET Switch
  • Built-in Load Regulation Compensation
  • Constant Current Control
  • Ultra-Low Startup Current (<1.9mA)
  • 80 kHz Maximum Switching Frequency.
  • Green Mode Control to enhance Efficiency
  • LEB (Leading-Edge Blanking) On CS Pin
  • VCC OVP (Over Voltage Protection)
  • Adjustable Brown in/out and Bulk_OVP on FB pin.
  • Internal OTP (Over Temperature Protection)
  • SDSP (Secondary Diode Short Protection)


  • Mobile Phone Charger
  • Low Power AC/DC Adaptor
 Mobile Phone Charger
 Low Power AC/DC Adaptor