LD8926A82Synchronous Rectification Driver

LD8926A82 is a secondary side synchronous rectification (SR) driver IC. It is suited for flyback low side and high side synchronous rectification in CCM, DCM and QR mode. For forward freewheeling rectification application, LD8926A82 can be applied in CCM and DCM operation.
LD8926A82 can generate its own supply voltage through low output voltage or high side rectification applications to charge battery.




  • Suited for low side and high side flyback synchronous rectification in CCM, DCM and QR(valley lock) mode
  • Suited for forward freewheeling rectification in CCM and DCM
  • Self-supplying for operation with low output voltage and/or high–side rectification without an auxiliary winding.
  • Suited for PSR with peak load function (max. frequency 130kHz)
  • Programmable turn-off level
  • Fast turn-off total delay of 30ns



  • Switching AC/DC adaptor and battery charger
  • Open frame switching power supply