LD6802JLED lighting Output Current Ripple Suppressor for Dimmable LED Constant Current System

The LD6802J is an output current ripple suppressor for LED lighting. It supports easy use at output terminal with isolation or non-isolation active PFC architecture with constant current.
The LD6802J is easy to achieve current ripple limitation with minimum output capacitance and built-in adjustable over voltage protection / multi-level over current protection and internal clamp zener diode can be used at wide range LED voltage application. The device is the SOT-26 package to minimize the PCB size well as component counts.




  • Controller for adaptive 100Hz/120Hz current ripple remover
  • Built-in clamping circuit for input voltage clamping
  • 6V drive voltage for MOSFET control
  • Programmable amplitude of LED current ripple
  • Programmable maximum cathode voltage of LED
  • Programmable maximum LED current
  • Support wide output current variation
  • Lamp short or open circuit protection
  • Built-in internal over temperature protection
  • SOT-26 Package



  • LED Driver Application for Non-Ripple Current
  • Analog Dimming LED power (Include TRIAC dimming system )