LD8116CFlexible Dimming Solution by PWM / 0-10V / Potentiometer

The LD8116C contains a processor which can convert the three different inputs of dimmer type include 0~10V DC potential, 0~100% duty cycle PWM (Plus Width Modulation) signal and potentiometer become a PWM signal output. It is easy to provide the isolation dimming control that via opto-coupler for smart LED lighting application.
The device features include wide input voltage from 13V to 58V, adjustable bias current source for potentiometer and high precision LED dimming current.




  • Wide VCC operating range
  • Low operation current
  • Precision dimmer type with

    - Voltage potential : 0/1V to 10V

    - PWM dimming : 0.2k to 10kHz

    - Potentiometer : 0 to 100k Ohm.

  • Adjustable bias current source of DIM pin
  • Adjustable minimum output PWM duty clamping
  • Built in over temperature protection for Chip



  • Dimmable LED Power Supply
  • Dimming Devices