LD8115Secondary-side Dimmable Constant Current and Voltage Controller

The LD8115 is an isolation secondary LED constant current and constant voltage controller, and provide the secondary-side direct dimming interface by DC level and PWM duty single for smart LED lighting application.

The device features include wide input voltage range from 3.6V to 38V, high-accuracy LED operation current and output constant voltage .


The LD8115 is the SOP-8 package to minimize the PCB size as well as component counts.




  • Secondary-Side Constant Current and Voltage Feedback
  • High Accuracy 200mV of LED Current Threshold Control
  • Precision 1.25V Voltage Reference
  • Low operation current ( < 0.5mA)
  • Wide VCC Operation Range 3.6~38V
  • Precision Secondary-side LED current Dimming with Analog and PWM

    -Analog Dimming : 0.1V~2.5V

    -PWM: 500Hz~30kHz



  • LED Lighting Driver Application
  • Charger