LD8116QFlexible Dimming Solution by PWM / 0-10V / Potentiometer

The LD8116Q contains a processor which can convert the three different inputs of dimmer type include DC potential, PWM (Plus Width Modulation) signal and potentiometer become a PWM signal output. It is easy to provide the isolation dimming control that via opto-coupler for smart LED lighting application.
The device features include wide input voltage from 15V to 56V, adjustable bias current source for potentiometer and high precision LED dimming current.
The LD8116Q is the SOT-26 package to minimize the PCB size as well as component counts.




  • Wide VCC operating range
  • Low operation current
  • Precision dimmer type with

    - Voltage potential : 0/1V to 10V

    - PWM dimming: 500Hz to 10kHz

    -  Potentiometer : 0 to 100k Ohm.

  • Adjustable bias current source of DIM pin
  • Clamp 10% minimum duty on OUT pin
  • Built in over temperature protection for Chip



  • Dimmable LED Power Supply
  • Dimming Devices